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Welcome to Satellite School for Children

An Independent Pre-school  driven by passion, innovation and excellence in early education.

At Satellite School for Children, our students form the heart of the institute. The curriculum and infrastructure are designed keeping the little learners at the core. We collectively work towards fostering their cognitive, social, physical and academic development. The school’s ideologies, methodologies and facilities guarantee enriching experience to each of our students, beyond the classroom.

Our unique approach to schooling ensures overall growth of all the students and prepares them for intensive academic program that awaits them in the years to come.

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Did you Know ?

Babies’ brains develop in the first 1,000 days at a pace never repeated again.

In the first 1,000 days of life, your baby’s brain develops faster than at any other time. And it’s the...

Just 15 minutes of play with your baby can spark millions of brain connections.

Just 15 minutes of play can spark millions of brain connections. With every hug and every kiss, every song and...

Up to 75% of each meal goes to building your baby’s brain.

During the first two years, up to 75% of each meal goes to building your baby’s brain. As your baby...

Facts About Toddlers You Dont Know

The average 4-year old will ask a total of 437 questions each day. Many of which are simply, “why?”

Working To Be A Wordsmith

By the age of 6, the average child has a vocabulary of about 13,000 words. An average adult has a...

Come Outside And Play

Children who spend more time playing outside have a reduced risk of becoming myopic.

Chatty Cathy

Parents who speak to their babies often, typically know 300 more words than their peers, by the age of 2...

Video Havoc

Studies have shown that if a kid watches more than 3 hours of videos or TV programs a day, they...

Not Just Playtime

Playtime is a very powerful and necessary learning tool for youngsters. Playing is critical to a child making social connections,...

Racing To Grow

A child’s brain has its most dramatic growth period from birth until the age of 5. Kids learn from observation...
Satellite School For Children - Preschool With Day Care

School – The Second Home

Why Us

Holistic Curriculum. Experienced Teachers. Safe and Secure Infrastructure

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Playgroup (Early Child Care)

Children above 2 Year+ are eligible for Playgroup (Early Child Care). We offer a safe and secure environment for…

School – The Second Home

Satellite School for Children can become your child’s second home, quite literally. Introducing our newest facility – Day Care at the school premises for all the enrolled children of Sr. KG.


Children of 3 years + are eligible for Nursery school. At this stage, we aim at settling in the children through…

Junior KG

Junior Kg. starts at 4+ during which young children are introduced to the English alphabet…

Senior KG

Senior Kg starts at 5+ . It is the final year of preschool. In the various child focused activities…


Best Preschool In Ahmedabad

Satellite School Ahmedabad

Marcos Quay


Marcos Quay program blends in age appropriate sports and fitness exercises into our curriculum…

Satellite School Ahmedabad

Music & Dance

Children inevitably love music and dance. We introduce our students to the therapy of music…

Satellite School Ahmedabad

Art & Craft

Our Art & craft classes foster our students’ creativity.The various art and craft activities…

Satellite School Ahmedabad

Field Trips

We arrange for field trips for our students at regular intervals. These trips offer an enriching experience…

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. As they learn new developmental skills once they start going to a Playgroup (Early Child Care). So you may start inquiring about Playgroup (Early Child Care) admission in Ahmedabad before your child turns 3.

The duration of best nursery schools in Ahmedabad is not more than 3- 4 hours.

The age for playgroup is 2 Year+, followed by Nursery (at 3+) then Junior KG ( at 4+) and finally Senior KG at 5 years.

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